The Ecliptic Tarot
"Light Beyond The Shadow."

          Welcome to the Home of The Ecliptic Tarot - a 78-card tarot deck  with shadowed imagery derived from astronomy, astrology, mythology, nature, and traditional tarot.

This site is still undergoing construction.  Check back for updates!

  Why The Ecliptic?

     All heavenly bodies that pass through our window of sky follow a precise path.  This path is known as the ecliptic. When bodies line up in this path so perfectly that one obscures another, an eclipse is said to occur.  The Ecliptic Tarot is much the same as the ecliptic window in revealing the precise path our lives can take.  Fear of the unknown is like the shadow of an eclipse that hides the light.  Once the shadow has passed, the light of knowledge will illuminate our lives.  The Ecliptic Tarot helps us remove that shadow. 

  General Information:
  • Ecliptic Concept & Card Design :  Bob Bailey
  • Tarot Commentary & Card Description : Koneta Bailey
  • Tarot Research : Koneta Bailey 
  • Web Design: Bob Bailey
  • Estimated Completion Time Line:

                                                 Major Arcana - January, 2011 
                                                Minor Arcana - November, 2011

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